Adoption Process


• US residents only

• 24 years of age (drivers license or passport required)

• All children are age 6 or older

• No restrictions on pets by landlord (must receive written consent)

• Ability to pick up your adopted dog from an international airport with a direct flight from Korea

• Financially willing and able to properly care for dog for remainder of its life

• Must create separate IG account for adopted dog - to provide updates

After your application is reviewed, we will ask for photos of both interior and exterior of your home. This will help us envision the space where your pup will be free to explore. Please indicate agree or disagree. 


• Fill out the adoption application below with a specific dog(s) you wish to adopt from @KpupsForLove

• Adoption screening interview via phone call with our team ONLY IF your application reflects our criteria

• Reference checks

• After screening steps, you will be notified ONLY IF your adoption application is approved

• Our volunteers will work with you to finalize the adoption - sharing your new dog’s medical records, scheduling a date of your dog’s arrival, and sending detailed pick-up instructions.


• $550– covers all previous medical treatment, vaccinations, microchip, and neuter/spay  

• Larger breeds such as a golden retriever or a standard poodle may have increase in adoption fee up to $850, due to their transportation fees.

• Brachycephalic breeds such as English bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers and French bulldogs with shorter nose and flat faced can only travel in cargos, the adoption fee will be increased.


• $85 - $185 covers the import entry fee by USDA if needed. It depends on the airport and the number of dogs flying with. 

*Adopters who surrender their dog at any time post adoption are subject to a $300 rehoming fee further stipulated in our Adoption Contract

Adoption Inquiry
DM via Instagram(
카톡(kakaotalk) yoonatravel / jinheeyang19